How to Save Money on Printing Costs

Are you looking for ways to save money on your business? One of the expenses that you should consider cutting down is on printing.

If you are still using branded ink cartridge for your printer, now is the time to consider switching to refillable ink cartridges. Also called recycled ink cartridges, these cool eco-friendly inkjets provide the same printing quality as the branded ones but for a fraction less. And not just a fraction less, oftentimes, you can get up to 60% savings depending on the manufacturer or supplier. Translate these savings to one-year figures and you will see how big your savings will be for using refillable ink cartridges.

The technology behind recycled cartridges is simple. Instead of throwing the used up inkjet cartridges, you simply have to refill (or have it refilled as the case maybe) the cartridge once you have consumed all its contents. The refilled ink has almost the same contents as the branded ones so you won't have to worry about the print quality of your documents. In fact, according to the feedback of customers, some experienced improved printing quality when they switched to refillable inkjets.

Of course there are other ways to save money on printing costs. Here are other ways to do that:

1.    After you have switched to recycled inkjets, you may also impose a "think before you print" policy in your office. Print only documents that are necessary.
2.    Make sure that the documents that you will be printing are error-free to avoid repeating the process.
3.    Use normal printer settings. If you are going to print photographs, it is understandable if your set your printing quality to fine. Otherwise, use econo-fast or normal settings.
4.    If it is not needed, print in black ink only.
5.    Have your printers checked regularly. Schedule maintenance checking for your printers to make sure that they are functioning properly. You can do the cleaning and maintenance since the process is really simple.

Saving money on printing costs is easy. If you have not yet considered converting your printers to those that use refillable ink cartridges, it may be time to consider doing this now, especially if you are looking for ways to save money. Recycled inkjets, aside from being economical, are environment-friendly and easy to maintain. Also, their printing quality is comparable to that of branded ones. Imagine the great savings you can get using these eco-friendly inkjets. You can also save on new toner and ink cartridges with 123inkjets coupon codes at

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    This informative article was in fact just what I had been in search of!

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    Ink cartridges nottingham (Sunday, 19 June 2016 05:56)

    Translate these savings to one-year figures and you will see how big your savings will be for using refillable ink cartridges.