Keep the Love Alive with Unique Healthy Dating Tips

It sure is fun when you regularly go out on a date, even at least once a month with your spouse. You get to have “alone” time together, without the kids, just like those times when you were just starting your life together. But to keep the fire burning and to make sure that your monthly dates do not come up as something customary, you have to think of creative yet romantic ways to spend your time together. One of which is to incorporate something healthy in your dates, be it food or activity. Here are unique ways to do that:

Tip # 1: Cook your own romantic dinner cuisine together.

It's more fun cooking meals and eating them together, than simply have it served at your favorite restaurant. Everything becomes extra special because you prepared the food yourself. Of course in your menu, make sure that you incorporate healthy foods such as fruits and vegetable. If you are not much of a cook, choose only simple recipes that do not require much cooking, like vegetable salad, tuna sandwich, and fresh fruit juice.

Tip # 2: Do some physical activity monthly.

This month, you may try enrolling in a dance class and then next month, go biking in the park. Definitely, physical activity can pump up your blood and help burn extra calories. Of course, the activity that you will select should be something that both of you can and love to do. If your date is not very fond of dancing, do not even attempt to coerce her to join a dance class. As long as the activity makes you sweat, it's a good start.

Tip # 3: Laugh together.

Laughter has always been the best medicine. It relieves tension and stress, thus making you feel more relaxed after a good laugh. It also boosts your immune system and triggers the release of happy hormones called endorphins. Moreover, it increases blood flow, thus lessening the possibility of heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases. How to have a good laugh? Watch a feel-good movie, share funny stories, practice telling jokes to each other.

Romantic dates need not be confined to the restaurant or to your dining table. If you want to keep the fire burning, make sure to think of unique ways to make your relationship healthier and stronger. Incorporating healthy habits in your monthly dates is one good way to keep the love alive. Find meaningful relationships with eHarmony promotional code and save up to 20% on subscriptions.

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