Best No-Contract Cell Phones for Kids

When our kids ask for something during the holidays or birthdays, we often think of something surprising. Like adults, kids also want to have what their parents have . We all know that children are great imitators. What they see from others like toys, foods, supplies, accessories they also want to have one. Straight talk provides a list of top selling no contract cell phone prepaid plan for you and your kids. By using no contract you can save more and get the one that is right for your kid. It is actually like those plans that adults have. If you’re planning to give those gadgets why not try using a no contract cell phone plan for them. There are many phones and plans to choose from.
Here are some no contract cell phone plans for your kids that might help.

- Metro PCS has a plan that has unlimited calls, text and others with a cheap price. They also send you a monthly bill for you to know the amount you need to pay without hassle.

- T-mobile. You can have unlimited text, calls and even web access. They also have a wide selection of classy phone that kids like.

- Virgin mobile has a free blackberry phone on their plan. You just have to add a small amount and the rest is all unlimited.

- Boost mobile also has a high class phone, the Samsung galaxy, with just a considerable amount you can have this phone in your hands.

- And lastly is the Cricket, they offer plan with an android phone with unlimited calls, text and web access.

Why use the service of the provider for your kids cell phone plan?

- This service provider is a no contract prepaid plan and with good testimonials.

- Proven and tested by thousands of users.

- They are the best in all service providers in the market.

- Affordable and hassle free cell phone plans.

- It also offers the same no contract prepaid cell phone plan.

With a no contract plan, you can save more and still get the service you deserve. Imagine paying so much for the same type of phone in a regular plan. It is really a good thing that no contract cell phone plans were made. It is much easy and cheap compare to regular plan plus you get to choose the number of minutes you wish to have. So, if our kids ask us for a gadget like a cell phone they know and expect to have it, we already know where to find it. The cheap and worry free prepaid cell phone plans can be obtained satisfyingly with the help of a straight talk promo code.

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