Fun Things to do in Boston with Kids

When planning a family vacation or an over-the-weekend trip, we always consider visiting some places which will be suitable for the children. It is always important to consider, the fun and exciting places you should go to in order to have a complete and enjoyable experience for the entire family. Here are some of the places that you should visit during your vacation in Boston.

Museum of Science

Spend an entire day with your kids in the Museum of Science and explore the interactive exhibits that they offer. Stroll around the butterfly garden and let your kids touch some of the animals. You can also watch live presentations and 3D movies.  

Boston Pizza Tours

Pizza is one of the well-loved foods in the United States. If you are a pizza lover, you should not miss this. Get a taste of the Boston's Historic neighborhoods while you get to try one slice of pizza from the three Pizzerias to be featured in the tour. It is a unique experience combining history, food and fun.

Mary Baker Eddy Library

The library opened its doors to the public in 2002 as an archive for Mary Baker Eddy's papers. More than just a library, it highlights its three exhibit areas: The Mapparium, The Hall of Ideas and the Quest Gallery.

Skywalk Observatory

Set on the fiftieth floor of a building, you and your kids will definitely have fun as you take a glimpse on the breathtaking 360 degree view of Boston, together with an audio tour. You can also have a unique dining experience as you dine on the restaurant located at the 52nd floor.

Boston Children's Museum

There is nothing more liberating than to see your children grow and do things on their own. The Boston children's museum has activities which are designed to entertain kids and allow them to learn at the same time. It was founded by a group of science teachers, especially dedicated for the advancement of the children.


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How to Save Money on Printing Costs

Are you looking for ways to save money on your business? One of the expenses that you should consider cutting down is on printing.

If you are still using branded ink cartridge for your printer, now is the time to consider switching to refillable ink cartridges. Also called recycled ink cartridges, these cool eco-friendly inkjets provide the same printing quality as the branded ones but for a fraction less. And not just a fraction less, oftentimes, you can get up to 60% savings depending on the manufacturer or supplier. Translate these savings to one-year figures and you will see how big your savings will be for using refillable ink cartridges.

The technology behind recycled cartridges is simple. Instead of throwing the used up inkjet cartridges, you simply have to refill (or have it refilled as the case maybe) the cartridge once you have consumed all its contents. The refilled ink has almost the same contents as the branded ones so you won't have to worry about the print quality of your documents. In fact, according to the feedback of customers, some experienced improved printing quality when they switched to refillable inkjets.

Of course there are other ways to save money on printing costs. Here are other ways to do that:

1.    After you have switched to recycled inkjets, you may also impose a "think before you print" policy in your office. Print only documents that are necessary.
2.    Make sure that the documents that you will be printing are error-free to avoid repeating the process.
3.    Use normal printer settings. If you are going to print photographs, it is understandable if your set your printing quality to fine. Otherwise, use econo-fast or normal settings.
4.    If it is not needed, print in black ink only.
5.    Have your printers checked regularly. Schedule maintenance checking for your printers to make sure that they are functioning properly. You can do the cleaning and maintenance since the process is really simple.

Saving money on printing costs is easy. If you have not yet considered converting your printers to those that use refillable ink cartridges, it may be time to consider doing this now, especially if you are looking for ways to save money. Recycled inkjets, aside from being economical, are environment-friendly and easy to maintain. Also, their printing quality is comparable to that of branded ones. Imagine the great savings you can get using these eco-friendly inkjets. You can also save on new toner and ink cartridges with 123inkjets coupon codes at






Hot Travel Destinations for Couples

What are the top 10 hottest travel destinations for couples? Hmm… Tough question. This  will entail head banging, intense verbal wrangling, and splitting headaches and of course, a good amount of globetrotting before one settles on this proverbial top 10 list.

Here they are:

1. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
This is a twine of 30 something islands south of St. Lucia. St. Vincent and the Grenadines  came second on the honeymoon choice of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – William  and Kate. You can rent a villa with a balcony that gazes out on an isolated pristine white sandy beach. Perfect for beach bum couples who just want to laze around under the sun.   Best time to go is from November to February.

2. Cambodia
Thanks to Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider, Cambodia has gained widespread popularity for honeymooning couples. Aside from its rustic temples, dirt-cheap hotel accommodations and awesome food, Cambodia boasts as the cheapest destination in its region or possibly in the world. Perfect for backpacking couples who are on a shoestring budget.

3. Abu Dhabi
This is a booming city with out-of this-world architectures and posh hotels. Where else can you find the Guggenheim, Louvre and Zayed Museums all in one place? Perfect for art-loving and/or business-savvy couples. Best time to go is from November to February.

4. Sri Lanka
This is the best place for culture-loving and pragmatic couples who have great love for off-the-beaten track exploits. It is slowly emerging as one of the world’s best value travel place.

5. Amsterdam
Windmills and tulips and water canals – Amsterdam will charm couples who are big on cultures, events, food and awesome scenery.

6. Costa Navarino, Greece
After visiting Athens and its ancient ruins, hop on the next plane and visit this jaw-dropping beautiful peninsula with Byzantine church architecture, sun-dappled white shores and crystal clear waters. Perfect for couples who dig the French Riviera but couldn’t afford it. Best time to go is from April to October.

7. San Francisco
No need to travel far, San Francisco is by far still the most romantic city in the world – with its rolling hills and twisted streets and the Golden Gate Park. No wonder someone left his heart in San Francisco.

8. Panama
Panama is home to old cathedrals and almost-collapsing villas and mansions. Don’t miss out on their coconut-based risotto and ropa vieja. Of course, the famous Panama Canal that will have its complete expansion in time for its 100th birthday.

9. Coober Pedy, Australia
This is perfect for couples who are adrenaline junkies and are looking for the next great adventure. Throw in treasure hunting into the mix – who knows you just might unearth some pirate booty in between those rocks and many mine dumps.

10. Las Vegas
Thousands of honeymooners flock to this Sin City every year. Not just to break machines or gamble but to check out the surrounding desert and fun spooky places to hunt for treasure. Perfect for adventure-seeking sybarites.

Plan accordingly to ensure that every scenery is breath-taking and worth the travel. Make this opportunity a moment that will always be remembered. If you need additional travel destinations, check out and use bookit promo code to save on hotels and vacation packages.





Keep the Love Alive with Unique Healthy Dating Tips

It sure is fun when you regularly go out on a date, even at least once a month with your spouse. You get to have “alone” time together, without the kids, just like those times when you were just starting your life together. But to keep the fire burning and to make sure that your monthly dates do not come up as something customary, you have to think of creative yet romantic ways to spend your time together. One of which is to incorporate something healthy in your dates, be it food or activity. Here are unique ways to do that:

Tip # 1: Cook your own romantic dinner cuisine together.

It's more fun cooking meals and eating them together, than simply have it served at your favorite restaurant. Everything becomes extra special because you prepared the food yourself. Of course in your menu, make sure that you incorporate healthy foods such as fruits and vegetable. If you are not much of a cook, choose only simple recipes that do not require much cooking, like vegetable salad, tuna sandwich, and fresh fruit juice.

Tip # 2: Do some physical activity monthly.

This month, you may try enrolling in a dance class and then next month, go biking in the park. Definitely, physical activity can pump up your blood and help burn extra calories. Of course, the activity that you will select should be something that both of you can and love to do. If your date is not very fond of dancing, do not even attempt to coerce her to join a dance class. As long as the activity makes you sweat, it's a good start.

Tip # 3: Laugh together.

Laughter has always been the best medicine. It relieves tension and stress, thus making you feel more relaxed after a good laugh. It also boosts your immune system and triggers the release of happy hormones called endorphins. Moreover, it increases blood flow, thus lessening the possibility of heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases. How to have a good laugh? Watch a feel-good movie, share funny stories, practice telling jokes to each other.

Romantic dates need not be confined to the restaurant or to your dining table. If you want to keep the fire burning, make sure to think of unique ways to make your relationship healthier and stronger. Incorporating healthy habits in your monthly dates is one good way to keep the love alive. Find meaningful relationships with eHarmony promotional code and save up to 20% on subscriptions.






Best No-Contract Cell Phones for Kids

When our kids ask for something during the holidays or birthdays, we often think of something surprising. Like adults, kids also want to have what their parents have . We all know that children are great imitators. What they see from others like toys, foods, supplies, accessories they also want to have one. Straight talk provides a list of top selling no contract cell phone prepaid plan for you and your kids. By using no contract you can save more and get the one that is right for your kid. It is actually like those plans that adults have. If you’re planning to give those gadgets why not try using a no contract cell phone plan for them. There are many phones and plans to choose from.
Here are some no contract cell phone plans for your kids that might help.

- Metro PCS has a plan that has unlimited calls, text and others with a cheap price. They also send you a monthly bill for you to know the amount you need to pay without hassle.

- T-mobile. You can have unlimited text, calls and even web access. They also have a wide selection of classy phone that kids like.

- Virgin mobile has a free blackberry phone on their plan. You just have to add a small amount and the rest is all unlimited.

- Boost mobile also has a high class phone, the Samsung galaxy, with just a considerable amount you can have this phone in your hands.

- And lastly is the Cricket, they offer plan with an android phone with unlimited calls, text and web access.

Why use the service of the provider for your kids cell phone plan?

- This service provider is a no contract prepaid plan and with good testimonials.

- Proven and tested by thousands of users.

- They are the best in all service providers in the market.

- Affordable and hassle free cell phone plans.

- It also offers the same no contract prepaid cell phone plan.

With a no contract plan, you can save more and still get the service you deserve. Imagine paying so much for the same type of phone in a regular plan. It is really a good thing that no contract cell phone plans were made. It is much easy and cheap compare to regular plan plus you get to choose the number of minutes you wish to have. So, if our kids ask us for a gadget like a cell phone they know and expect to have it, we already know where to find it. The cheap and worry free prepaid cell phone plans can be obtained satisfyingly with the help of a straight talk promo code.






Tips to Stay Focus on Your Weight Loss Goal

Pursuing and actually reaching your weight loss goal is not easy. However, it is not difficult either. All you need to do is to stay motivated and maintain your focus. I will give you some tips that will help you stay focused on your weight loss goal.

Set realistic goal
Setting a goal that is realistic is the first step in staying focused and motivated in your venture. If you set goals that are unrealistic, you will lose motivation and focus as soon as you don't see the outcomes you expected. When setting your goal be sure to plan in a detailed way. By doing this, you will see the thought and ideas you have converted into meaningful action. Account for when and where you will do your exercises; what and when you will be eating; and what you need to get started. Ensure that your plans can be accommodated in your daily or weekly schedule.


Tailor your goals
Everyone is unique in terms of fitness level, body health level and time available. Therefore, the first step to failure in losing weight is setting goals identical to someone else or following a manual-recommended goal. You should set a unique goal depending on your unique circumstance. This way you will easily stay focused in achieving the achievable goals you set.


Focus on the Process goals and not the outcome
When it comes to losing weight, it is all in the journey and not the destination. Process goals include the number of workouts sessions and the healthy foods you take, while outcome goals entail your desired weight at the end of the week or month. When you focus on the process goals, you will find that you become more motivated in achieving the healthy goals also. In focusing on improving your fitness level, reducing your cholesterol levels and improving your blood pressure, you will unconsciously achieve your outcome goal.

Measure your progress
Measuring your progress in weight loss creates a great boost to your focus and morale. Create a weight loss graph as soon as you start your weight loss program and record your weight on a regular basis, at least weekly. Also keep track of your workout achievement to measure your fitness level. By managing a success journal you will stay more focused and you will want to continue with what you are doing so as to get better results. Always plan to reward yourself whenever you achieve the set target. This could mean buying a new shirt or dress, or anything else affordable that makes you feel great and motivated.

Sign up for a support group membership
Weight loss support groups work miracles in boosting the morale of all those pursuing weight loss. By sharing about the weight loss experience, you are able to know what works and what does not. Also knowing that there are many pursuing weight loss can itself act as a motivation. By listening to others who have been trying to lose weight for a longer time than you, you will be able to identify possible setbacks and plan for them. This will thus work to enhance your focus on the whole process. Don't be afraid to look into support groups from Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers. They can help you lose weight in the long run. Use nutrisystem discount code to save on meals that can be delivered right to your door.

Be Flexible
Many people tend to lose focus immediately their circumstances change. However, this happens not because of the change but rather because of inflexibility of the set goals. You should be able to make a reassessment and adjustment of your goals when need be. On the same note, do not stop when you easily reach the set goals. If the goals were smaller than your abilities, be sure to set bigger goals and work towards them.





Where to Find Top Ski Jackets

Winter is here, and everyone is looking forward to getting to the slopes. To take advantage of this winter season, grab a jacket and head to the nearest slopes in town. There are jackets online for both men and women that can really catch your interest. They are not only cozy but come in good quality.
This store shares your passion with outdoor activities. If you are an outdoor adventurer, this is the right place for you. It offers a great selection of outdoor clothing, footwear and equipment at reasonable prices.

Jackets here will keep you dry and comfortable from the rain. They are sturdy enough to withstand any condition and support full range of motion. Women can choose different styles from Columbia, North Face and Marmot, and men can consider the North Face and Marmot brands. (Eastern Mountain Sports)
Eastern Mountain Sports is another great place for outdoor apparel.  You can find equipment and gear from different popular brands. Their own line of EMS products including jackets, pants, fleece and more have the same quality as the other competitive brands on the market. Their customer service is accommodating, and you can get overnight shipping for only $9.99 on orders over $50.
It is an excellent outdoor brand that offers signature outerwear, men and women clothing, gear and accessories. Each item provides complete satisfaction, and you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied with your purchase. Eddie Bauer's jackets are perfect for skiing in the winter.  They are designed specifically for high aerobic and cold-air activities while the synthetic insulations provide warmth in cold and wet conditions. You can use the Bargain Finder to save up to 70% on the latest clearance items.

When it comes to ski jackets, my advise is to purchase the high quality ones.  You will be glad you did once you are on the slopes all warm while everyone else is wet and cold. To get deals on top ski jackets, check out cheapdanny!





Verizon FiOs: The First to Offer Fiber Optics at Home

Verizon FiOS is a bundled high speed internet, telephone, and digital TV service offered by Verizon Communications over fiber optics cable. The company was the first U.S major service provider to offer the fiber optics services at home starting 2005. They received a positive rating from the Consumer Reports for cable and internet service providers.

Verizon FiOS began in 2005. The company planned to extend the availability of FiOS throughout the United States. The Wall Street Journal in 2006 speculated that Verizon Communications was planning to offer the sale of the traditional telephone division as part of their strategy to expand into broadband and wireless technologies.

In July 2009, there have already been around 15.5 million locations with FiOS which is about 34% of all the households under Verizon wireless network.  With the purpose of expanding the service, a deal with Frontier Communications was announced in May 13, 2009. The deal was that Frontier Communications would acquire all of Verizon's local wireless operations in some States including Idaho, Arizona, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, Oregon, Wisconsin, West Virginia, and Washington. Rural parts of California adjoining Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon were also included. These areas would see little FiOS deployment as Verizon itself would have to focus on its core FiOS areas. This completed deal with Frontier Communications expected that 70% of its overall network footprint would be serviced by the end of 2010.  

The service coverage expansion of Verizon FiOS internet and cable television services made notable success. They were able to keep millions of subscribers up to date with the latest advancements in the internet and cable television communications. Verizon FiOS have reached many family and home providing entertainment at its finest state. The service and product are offered online so many people can access it easily and conveniently.